The World's Top 10 Sexiest Beaches

If you're looking for divas in the dunes--a place where the sand is fine and the babes in bikinis are finer--head to one of these beaches, dubbed the sexiest of all by

1. Caprera Island in Sardinia, Italy
Even though there are no hotels on Caprera (it's a 15-minute boat ride to the extravagant Hotel Cala di Volpe in Costa Smeralda), the beach is populated by toned divas in bikinis. Bring your oversized sunglasses and you'll fit right in.

2. Salvador in Bahia, Brazil
This is a slow and happy place and surprisingly inexpensive. says it's a delicious melting pot of African and Brazilian cultures and foods that draw a particular brand of sensual-minded travelers. You know the kind. The men are shirtless and muscular, while the women are slinky with dark skin and green eyes.

3. Cousine Island in Seychelles
This privately-owned island features alabaster beaches and an exclusive lodge retreat. The crowds are few and skinny-dipping is encouraged. You might even see Sir Paul McCartney in the crowd.

4. Playa de los Lances in Tarifa, Spain
You'll surf hard and flirt harder, says Hard, well-chiseled bodies populate the beach.

5. Pink Sands Beach in Harbour Island, Bahamas
This is arguably the prettiest beach anywhere--coral pink sand and surf perfected. New York fashionistas love it. They may wear linen suits and diamonds galore, but they'll be barefoot.

6. Kuta Beach in Bali, Indonesia
You'll spend more time at this boho chic resort enjoying the wild nightlife than lounging on the beach. "The caf├ęs, bars, and nightclubs lining the streets of Kuta and Legian are the hub of hedonism for the young and the restless," writes Expect lots of buff bodies wearing the season's latest fashions.

7. South Beach in Miami, Florida
This arts mecca is sexy, sexy, sexy--all the time. Glittering clubs line the beach and multilingual millionaires and their ladies (in various states of undress) line up outside. Warning: You can't hide your flab here.

8. Pigeon Point Beach in Antigua
This is where British aristocrats meet Hollywood's darlings. Antigua has 365 beaches, but Pigeon Point is favored by the jet set. The crowd is defined by what they own and what they wear. Look closely and you might see Eric Clapton or Oprah Winfrey.

9. Bodrum in Turkey
It's European and Asian--all at the same time. This little town on the Aegean Sea is populated with hot bodies of all persuasions and ethnicities. calls it a melting pot of continents and cultures.

10. Santa Maria Beach in Ilha do Sal, Cape Verde
Sssh! This is still a little known beach beloved by young fashionistas. Enjoy the French and Italian eye candy.

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