Two Words Men Say If They're Cheating

If you suspect your man of two-timing you, just pay attention to what he says.

When you press him for details of who he was with last night and why he didn't come home until 11 p.m., his guilt will be obvious if he tells you, "You're crazy!"

That's the word from licensed private investigator Amy Drescher. She says unfaithful spouses, especially men, throw the guilt back onto their wife when pressed about suspicious behavior, be it unexplained late nights out, new computer passwords or unusual cell phone activity.

"The more she starts to confront her husband, there's one thing that I commonly hear that she hears from him. He's going to tell her, 'You're crazy!' And every time she confronts him again, he's going to remind her again, 'You're crazy!'" Drescher explained on a video on "It's important for her to realize she's not crazy--that there is a significant reason why she's having these doubts."

What are the top three signs that your spouse is cheating?

  • He won't let you see his cell phone--so you can't see who he has called or the frequency of his calls.

  • You have less sex than you did previously.

  • You spot signs of another woman, such as strands of hair in his car or the scent of someone else's perfume on his shirt.

--From the Editors at Netscape

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